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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lunch at Sheila's

Five women and one strange-looking child sat silently at lunch. None was moving except Sheila Myers, ceramic artist and the creator of these arresting figures. She dashed around making last-minute adjustments to her "friends" before the opening of the her joint show that evening with fellow ceramicist, Barbara Mason.

Sheila explained that the women were modelled on friends and herself. That's her seated in front of her real self and pouring from a blue bottle.

The place was the Inner City Clayworkers Gallery, a ceramic artists' cooperative. My wife and I often stop in especially to see the annual teapot exhibition. (It's amazing what some people use to make their tea.) We'd never met Sheila and were surprised to learn that three ceramic cicadas we'd bought from the gallery were also her creations.

Impressive as the women at lunch were it was the lunch itself---all ceramic---that got is in. It was so realistic that we could smell it. Bread, cheese, noodles, and some very realistic lettuce leaves.

It wasn't long before we hurried home to a somewhat less crunchy lunch and tea straight from the teabag.

Our cicadas.


Richard Tulloch said...

Very impressive and slightly creepy, in a Ron Mueck sort of way, Duncan.

Lana Patterson said...

Hi Duncan...fascinating ceramic artwork! And you're right, the detail in the food items is amazing! I recently discovered another ceramic artist who lives outside of Melbourne, in Marysville. I love his work! If you are interested in viewing it check out www.brunosart.com/gallery.html
My favourite ceramics by Sheila are the cicadas, especially the green one. It looks so much like the cicadas that my grandchildren and I enjoy watching emerge during the summers we are down in the States. I'll have to send you some of the pics we took of them this summer. Great post, Duncan! Lana