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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Museum of Fire

These days we're all bombarded with photographs from the internet many of which seem too good to be true. Many of them aren't true. But I can vouch for this one taken on the M4 in the Western Suburbs of Sydney last Friday. No, the Museum of Fire---actually a museum of fire fighting---wasn't burning down but a warehouse nearby was. Fortunately, there were no deaths or injuries.

My good friend and fellow author, Richard Tulloch, and I were driving back to Sydney from a bushwalk in the Blue Mountains when we saw smoke from the fire and then the seemingly-appropriate sign. Sadly our serious cameras were in the boot of the car and there was nowhere to pull over to get to them but I managed to get out my pocket camera (I was driving) and handed it to Richard who snapped this photo. The moral is: always have a camera with you,  especially if you're feeding a hungry blog.


Richard Tulloch said...

Glad to have been on hand, Duncan.

That photo helped my blog to a near record number of hits (narrowly beaten by the report of our hiking/photography exploits).

Hope lots of people visit your hungry blog too.

Anonymous said...

What a funny photo Duncan - fast thinking too! I'll do my best to launch it's journey into viral fame. Juliet

Anonymous said...

That's quite hilarious Duncan. I'm just wondering if you were driving very very slow on the M4 highway, or if you and Richard have trigger quick hands like John Wayne.

I guess another moral to this story is that it's of more use to have a real fire fighter station next door than a museum of fire fighting.


Duncan Ball said...

We were driving at a good clip, at about the speed limit so 100 or 110 kmph so it was a test to get the camera out of my pocket before we passed the sign.