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Hi, welcome to my blog. I'm a writer of poetry, prose and plays but my best known work is children's fiction. My most popular books are the Selby series and the Emily Eyefinger series. This blog is intended as an entertaining collection of thoughts and pictures from here in Australia and from my travels in other parts of the world. I hope you enjoy it. (For more information have a look at my website.)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

June 18, 2010

Hi everyone, I'm in the process of designing this blog and it'll be a few days before I've got it the way I want it. When I'm not playing around with things like this I'm working on the next book about Selby, the talking dog, and another one about Emily Eyefinger, the girl who was born with an eye on the end of her finger. I'll tell you more about my latest book, a book of funny poems called, "My Sister Has a Big Black Beard", later.

Here's a photo of my cat, Jasper, who likes to help me with my writing.

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Anonymous said...

I love reading Selby books. Recently, I have read Selby's Stardom. With the last chapter, I was laughing my head off. I want another Selby book to read. Mabye you could write one about when Selby tells his secret to the Trifles and they belive him so he gets all famous and he dosen't have to do housework. (I think the Trifles are really nice so they wouldn't do that.)